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Motorsport is so fascinating because drivers have to make decisions within a very short time. Throttle position, steering wheel angle, strategy, position of one's own vehicle and competitors: everything changes on the race track in fractions of a second. This website is for all amateur racers who want to make better decisions on the race track and improve their racecraft.


How to beat even your fastest opponents

Rating on Amazon for the German version:

In this book you will find 50 race situations in which you as a reader have to make decisions. You will get feedback on each of these situations immediately after you have made your decision, whether your decision was correct and if not, why not.


The book also gives you exercises to help you improve your skills on the track.




Christian Danner, former Formula 1 driver and current co-commentator on RTL:


"A big compliment! I'm very happy when people get involved with our sport and also convey that motorsport is much more than driving senselessly in circles. This is exactly what the book "Racecraft" has achieved perfectly."




PRO-Kart Magazine reported in August/September 2017:


"So the book is not only a long overdue guide for anyone interested in karting, but also a read worth reading for "old karting hands"!...Our editorial team is absolutely thrilled.


We can and would highly recommend it to anyone who gets behind the wheel of the little speedsters - or any other circuit vehicle!"

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